Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cool Breezes, Hot Coffee and Spirtual Friends

Woke up this morning to a cool breeze and smiling companion wispering "let's make some coffee and head down to the center so we can say goodmorning to Scott before he heads out to land."

It is pleasant to live with a generous spirit whose first words encourage the mind toward the efforts of Alms. We dress and head downstairs, Alistair veers to the right to make coffee while I veer to left to check my new blog site. With his encouragement I walk pass the computer and water the potted plants instead.

We meander up the PFoD stairwell where Had, Jennifer and Scott are just gathering themselves together to head off for what will surely be a very hot day of digging and hammering. Scott the decisioner, Had the go-lucky, and Jennifer the toilet hole maker jump into the S.U.V. with big smiles and waving hands while we return home where I open this blog and sip the hot coffee Alistair is now pouring. Community, meditation groups, kalyanamitta, all have their challenges (of which I'm sure to write of from time to time;) thank goodness they also have their blessings.