Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank You Mike

Mike Nowak has just finished his Stewardship responsibilities for the Summer Hermitage and heads North. Thank you Mike for getting us through this initial phase of Vassa retreat. Your hard work is evident, your gentle nature is appreciated and your friendship is valued!

Mike sat with Portland Friends of the Dhamma for several years while attending Reed College. Two years ago he opted to take a break from school and headed off to Thailand. Once there he explored life as an Anagarika, eventually landing at Birken Monastery where he remained for an entire year. His return to university resumes after a two year exploration of the Thai Forest tradition. It's been lovely to see one of our members explore this tradition so deeply and then postpone his return to lay life so as to support the Summer Hermitage.

Please come and visit us again Mike, when ever you are in town!

Mark Gosnell now joins us for one month as the Vassa lay Steward. Welcome Mark.